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Bleecker is a small town located in upstate New York, north of Gloversville. According to Wikipedia, the town’s maximum population was reached in 1860 and has declined since. So as with many small towns, drive safely and watch your speed as you’re probably more likely to get notice. If you have been cited with a traffic violations such as speeding or any other NYS V&T infraction, feel free to call our office for some help. Attorney Pandall Lehoe traffic lawyer attorney non owner sr22 insurancehas been practicing traffic law since 1990 and can help you find an affordable solution to your New York speeding ticket or other matter in the Bleecker Town Court. Concerns about high insurance prices and driving record points often induce people to seek out an attorney to help resolve traffic tickets. Speak with a Bleecker traffic lawyer today!

Why hire a lawyer for minor Traffic Ticket Violation?

You may be thinking, “why should I pay the same amount to an attorney as if I were to be found guilty?” There are more than several reasons:In many cases, you will never have to appear in court. If your case is dismissed, you will have no damage done to your driving record. Your auto insurance rates will not be affected if your case is dismissed. You won’t have to deal with the stress and aggravation dealing with it yourself. The law enforcement officer who cited you will be forced to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to get a conviction. Most criminal procedure protections and Constitutional rights belong to people accused of minor crimes (like speeding) just as much as major crimes (like murder); hiring an attorney will make sure these protections are properly utilized.

DWI Defense

Being arrested for DWI is a stressful and overwhelming event. As you may be aware, DWI is a serious charge, and a conviction can lead to a loss of your license for one year. For many people, this can be a devastating outcome, not only meaning a loss of freedom, but often leading to a loss of a job and all the benefits that come with it.

Contact The Law Firm today, so we can help you try and avoid the loss of your driving privileges. With years of experience in defending those charged with DWI, we know the rules and what to look for when defending such a case. We will take the time to meet with you and review your paperwork to determine if the officer had probable cause, if the stop was constitutional, and if all proper procedures were followed. The Law Firm has the experience to dive into the details of your case, and use those to assert the best defenses and protect your rights to ultimately lead to the best resolution of your case.
Further, our firm can petition the Department of Motor Vehicles for you to request a special hearing in an effort to obtain driving privileges for you.

Contact the Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation, where our team can evaluate your case, present possible defenses, and if eligible, help you obtain limited driving privileges.

Let us put our experience and insight to work by helping you avoid: Suspended driver’s license, Revoked driver’s license, Traffic Ticket Fines, Jail, Increased insurance premiums, Driver Responsibility, Assessment A Criminal Record.

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